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The demand for safe and efficient Li-ion batteries has never been as high as it is today. By coupling Battery Design Studio® to HEEDS® MDO, battery manufacturers can intelligently drive their designs through a range of design parameters and operating conditions. This speeds up the design process, facilitates innovation and helps battery designers stay ahead of the competition.
Designexploration in der Verfahrenstechnik – der schnelle Weg zum optimierten Ergebnis!
D ie chemisch-pharmazeutische Industrie wächst schnell, viele Firmen setzen auf Anlagentechnik aus Deutschland. Dem Know-how und der sprichwörtlichen Ingenieurskunst deutscher Hersteller wird viel Vertrauen entgegengebracht. Die sich ändernden Herausforderungen erfordern fortlaufende Innovation und neue Lösungen. Wir stellen Ihnen im Laufes des Webinars STAR-CCM+® vor, unser Werkzeug für komplexe Simulationen. Wir zeigen wie Sie, basierend auf CAD-Geometrie, Simulationen aufsetzen und die passenden physikalischen Modelle auswählen. Die Beispiele orientieren sich an Herausforderungen der...
So it’s finally official. I am delighted to announce that CD-adapco is now a part of the Siemens PLM family. Back in January, when we first announced that Siemens PLM Software had entered into an agreement to purchase CD-adapco, legal regulations prevented us from talking in any detail about the deal and its consequences. Since the deal has now formally closed I am happy to take this opportunity to describe in detail the extent to which it will benefit customers of both CD-adapco and Siemens, as well as the PLM marketplace as a whole.
Admixtus is used to quickly create geometries, mesh, set up CFD simulations and carry out analyses of stirred vessels. It automates your mixing simulation workflow from geometry to post-processing in just a few easy steps. The result is an easy-to-use mixing simulation tool built for problem solving and innovating.
日本でもここ数年、医療機器だけでなく製薬、医療現場におけるCFDの活用が盛んになっており、さらには最適化を組み合わせた利用も活発になってきております。 本ウェビナーでは、こうした主に弊社日本の医療系ユーザー様が行われているCFDの活用事例を「移動変形メッシュ、粒子追跡、最適化」というキーテクノロジーによるソリューションを交えてご紹介いたします。 医療に関わる業務に従事されており、熱流体解析に取り組まれている、またはこれから熱流体解析ソフトウェアの利用をご検討されている方にとって新たなアイディアを誘発するような機会となれば幸いです。 【事例提供】 大阪薬科大学 製剤設計学研究室 講師 門田 和紀 様、教授 戸塚 裕一 様 「CFD解析による粉末吸入喘息治療薬 の気道内沈着挙動シミュレーション」 テルモ株式会社 研究開発本部 森 武寿 様 「遠心型血液ポンプ設計におけるOptimate+を用いた最適化設計」 獨協医科大学越谷病院 泌尿器科 教授 宋 成浩 様 「メッシュモーフィングを用いた膀胱収縮流れ解析」 三重中央 医療 センター 脳神経外科医長 石田 藤麿 様 「アジョイント法を用いた脳動脈瘤の最適化計算」 【受講対象】 医療、医療機器、製薬に関わる業務に従事されており、熱流体解析に取り組まれている、またはこれから熱流体解析ソフトウェアの利用をご検討されている方
The Oil, Gas and Chemical CFD Conference to be held May 19-20 in Houston will show how engineers can leverage CFD simulation to address cost concerns during the economic downturn New York and London. April 21, 2016 CD-adapco, a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, is hosting the Oil, Gas and Chemical CFD Conference on May 19-20 in Houston. This premier biennial event brings together leading professionals from the Oil, Gas and Chemical industries and gives them a platform to share their experiences in the application of CFD to improve...
Modeling Complex Motions and Simulating Reality with Overset Mesh
Modeling of fluid flow around moving objects is relatively commonplace, so long as the motion involves a single body moving in an easily prescribed manner. However, as engineers increasingly demand greater simulation realism an effective approach to modeling multiple interacting bodies with arbitrary motion is required. This presents a major challenge for CFD engineers restricted to software that used more traditional and computationally expensive dynamic mesh approaches. Overset Mesh technology avoids the limitations of dynamic mesh, enabling the study of real-world moving body simulation...
Time Changes All Things…Even Air Flow & Temperature
"The only constant is change." This quote is attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and it is as true of engineering simulation as it is of life. Every situation we wish to simulate is in reality a time-varying situation, whether on the macro-time scale of days or weeks, or on the micro-time scales of milliseconds at which turbulence operates. Yet the vast majority of engineering simulations, including thermal simulations of electronics, are performed as steady situations. Why can we do this? When is steady-state a legitimate assumption? This webcast examines the meaning of...