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Contours: Proximity to knocking conditions (implemented by GRUppoMOtori at University of Modena)
Combustion Evolution Contours: progress variable of combustion (RVB) Vectors: in-cylinder flow motion isosurface of progress variable of combustion (RVB)
Combustion Evolution Contours: progress variable of combustion (RVB) Vectors: in-cylinder flow motion isosurface of progress variable of combustion (RVB)
Thermal Simulation Techniques for Power Electronics
Power electronics devices such as IGBTs and MOSFETs are a key enabling technology for the most advanced electrically-driven systems today and in the foreseeable future. These systems are becoming increasingly common in ground transportation, aerospace and marine, but their continued development and usage will be limited by the thermal management technologies used to cool the semiconductor devices. Despite the high efficiency of power electronics, the enormous amounts of electrical power transmitted mean very large heat loads must be managed. This webcast explores various techniques for...
Volume rendering, a well-known scientific visualization method, is being introduced with our latest version of STAR-CCM+! (v9.02) A Spray Nozzle showing a Volume Render of the Droplet Volume Fraction When you hear the phrase “Volume Rendering”, the first thing that may come to mind is a collection of highly compelling medical images depicting our internal organic structures. You might also recall movie blockbuster special effects showing things like clouds, smoke, storms and explosions. And you might be thinking that these high-end visualizations are the exclusive domain of dedicated medical...
Low Pressure Die Casting of Aluminum Tire Rim
Thermo-coupled mold filling simulation of an aluminum tire rim. The melt is driven into the cavity based on the pressure difference between melt reservoir and die venting
This February we announce the release of STAR-CCM+ v9.02 and one of the most exiting features to join the wealth of multiphase capabilities in this release is the Dispersed Multiphase (DMP) model. The simulation of applications such as aircraft deicing/anti-icing, and vehicle soiling and water management will now take a fraction of the time with the new Dispersed Multiphase (DMP) model in STAR-CCM+ v9.02. Until the release of the new DMP model, it had been necessary to model tiny water or rain droplets in wet free-stream air as huge numbers of discrete Lagrangian droplets. These droplets...
Linking Electromagnetic and Thermal Design of Electric Machines
The increasing pressure on the design and optimization of electric machines in all applications is driving improvements in simulation techniques. The coupled effects of heat generation due to the losses of the machine and temperature control methods within it are demanding new ways of simulating these phenomena. This webcast explains how to rapidly link these traditionally separate domains, EMAG & Thermal and presents the benefits of these techniques through user examples. In addition, presenters feature methods to handle SPEED and JMAG electromagnetic data as examples of a generic method...
Temperature coupled mold filling-solidification simulation
Centrifugal casting of automotive turbocharger wheels
Temperature-coupeld mold-filling simulation based on accelerated rotation