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Simulation of a Fan in a Conference Room
Volume rendering showing air flow around a fan in a conference room using STAR-CCM+
CD-adapco India's Introduction to DARS
Understanding Gas-Liquid Flows: Eulerian Multiphase Modeling
Gas-liquid flows occur in numerous processing steps within the refining, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Gas injected vessels, fermenters and bubble columns are just some of these examples. Within such flows, the specific details of the interaction between the two phases is important to understand accurately when looking at the proper design of vessels. Moreover, the scale-up of such equipment can be problematic since two-phase flows have a more inherently complex nature than single-phase flows. STAR-CCM+ ® allows for extremely detailed modeling of such flows, describing various gas-...
Simulation using a fully conformal polyhedral mesh crossing multiple domains showing temperature on electronics components and flow streamlines colored by velocity.
A cell phone is an example of a technology that relies on natural convective flow to provide cooling to the system. Shown in this image is a conformal polyhedral mesh , which provides the most accurate heat transfer across interfaces between parts.
Efficiently Simulating Thermoelectric Devices and Heat Pipes
Two advanced thermal management devices that are relatively common in high power applications are thermoelectric devices (also known as thermoelectric coolers or Peltier devices) and heat pipes. Thermoelectric devices are solid-state components that allow heat to be ‘pumped’ against a temperature gradient when electrical energy is input to the system. Heat pipes are passive devices that rely on phase change (evaporation & condensation) to very efficiently transfer heat from the evaporator location to the condenser location. When simulating thermoelectric devices and heat pipes in the...
가스 터빈 엔진 시뮬레이션 - 파트1 : '회전'과 '연소'
항공기의 추진 또는 발전에 사용하는 가스 터빈엔진들은 ‘회전’(압축기와 터빈)과 ‘연소’(연소기)와 같은 정교한 하부 시스템을 포함하고 있습니다. 가스터빈 엔진의 목표는 최대 연료 효율과 지속 운전의 신뢰성을 보장하여 정격 전력을 제공하는 것이며, 이와 더불어 정부의 배기가스 규제도 만족해야만 합니다. 각 가스터빈 하부 시스템은 개별적으로 최대 성능을 발휘할 수 있도록 설계해야 함과 동시에 전체 가스터빈 엔진 시스템의 기능들을 원할 히 보장하기 위해 조화롭게 작동하도록 설계해야만 합니다. CFD 시뮬레이션과 STAR-CCM+에 포함된 자동 설계 변경 기법은 위와 같은 목적과 제약조건들 사이에서 최적의 균형을 찾는데 매우 효과적인 방법을 제공합니다. 이번 웨비나는 3편으로 구성된 시리즈 중 첫 번째로, STAR-CCM+를 이용하여 가스터빈 엔진 시뮬레이션을 수행할 경우 어떠한 장점들이 있는지 다양한 사례에 통하여 보여드릴 예정입니다. 다수의 냉각 구멍을 갖고 있는 연소기 라이너, 터보기계 블레이드와 같은 복잡한 형상의 격자 생성 기법 소개 자동 설계 변경 기법을 통한 성능 최적화를 수행함으로써 압력 강하 및 열 문제로 인한 손상 미연에 방지 공기역학(유동)과...
Introducing CFD Fundamentals and Commercial Software to Undergrad Fluid Mechanics: An out of the Box Approach for Professors
Fluid mechanics is a basic course in most engineering colleges yet the use of commercial CFD tools for an undergraduate curriculum is not widely accepted. Due to the changing requirements of the job market over the last few years, there has been an emphasis to introduce the fundamental concepts of CFD in undergraduate fluid mechanics courses along with the use of commercial CFD software. Most engineering graduates will be expected to know how to use a commercial CFD tool in their professional engineering careers. This webcast explores the fundamentals of CFD in undergraduate fluid mechanics...
Simulating Gas Turbine Engines – Part 2: Rotating Systems
In order to continually increase the performance and efficiency of their gas turbine (GT) engines, companies are seeking to operate their GT rotating systems at ever higher pressures and temperatures. This webcast explores using numerical simulation to enable more predictive engineering of gas turbine engine rotating systems (i.e., turbines or compressors), especially to: Increase GT performance and efficiency Maximize GT reliability and up-time Find better designs faster The webcast features Dipl.-Ing. Rene Braun of B&B-AGEMA as a guest presenter. He discusses how B&B-AGEMA uses...