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Customizing STAR-CCM+ for seamless integration to PLM
The cutting edge of simulation in industry is already embracing PLM integration techniques. This presentation will highlight some of the features of STAR-CCM+ that are available to get started. Examples will be provided for how this process can become seamlessly integrated with additional customized tools.
The results of a numerical study are presented: An underground vehicle facility was constructed to analyze the partial transverse ventilation system in the case of fire. A special section of tunnel which was separated into two ventilation shafts was considered. This section was located between two axial jet fans. In the simulations, these two jet fans were not modeled directly but the effect of discharge velocity was implemented as a boundary condition. The main objective of the study was to investigate effects of fire barriers on different transverse extraction strategies. All the...
Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012 The Eulerian multiphase flow model (EMP) in STAR-CCM+ has been used successfully to model a variety of multiphase flows. A small selection of examples shown in this presentation include: • Particle suspension in a stirred vessel. • Slurry transport in pipes. • Oxygen transfer in an aeration tank. • Boiling two phase flows in a PWR fuel bundle.
Presented at the STAR Global Conference 2012 This presentation highlights the CFD results of a gas-liquid two-phase flow in a cyclone tank. The Eulerian multiphase approach using a k-epsilon turbulence model is used to simulate air bubbles dispersed in hydraulic oil. Hydraulic tanks are employed to evacuate air from the hydraulic oil. The advantage of pumping the oil through a cyclone inside the tank is that air is evacuated while, at the same time, the pressure drop is lower compared to a tank without cyclone. The performance of the cyclone is demonstrated by measuring the amount of air...