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In La Solana in Spain a solar power plant with a peak output of about 6.5 MW is in operation. Solar inverters are used to transform the current into line frequency. To protect the inverters from atmospheric influence, the inverters are placed in small buildings. During the transformation process there is a power loss, which is released in heat form. To cool down the electric devices sufficiently and ensure a smooth operation, a earth heat exchanger system was constructed and built by TinniT Technologies. This cooling system is using the fact, that the earth temperature in only a few meters (...
The advanced model is a combination of a modified low Reynolds number k-epsilon turbulence model and a wall treatment formalism that accounts for temperature gradient induced material property effects on wall shear stress and heat flux. The advanced wall treatment formalism also enables more accurate turbulent source term computation in the wall adjacent cells. Furthermore, the advanced model is not restricted by the usual near wall grid resolution requirements of the standard high and low Reynolds number turbulence models.
Presented at the STAR European Conference 2011
Presented at the STAR European Conference 2011