Simultaneous Evaluation on Aerodynamics and Air-cooling Performances for Motorcycle using CFD Analysis

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SAE International
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In order to optimize the balance between aerodynamics and air-cooling performances for a motorcycle, a simulation method of external flow around a vehicle has been developed. In this paper, steady-state flow calculations were performed using two types of turbulence models, the realizable k-ε and the SST k-ω , and two levels of mesh sizes of computational models and their results were compared. To validate the computational results, wind tunnel tests were conducted and CD, CL and mean velocity of flow passing through heat exchangers were measured. The computational results on drag coefficient and mean velocity show good agreements with the experimental ones.

2009 SAE International
Author Name: 
T. Shimizu
T. Abe
Y. Sunayama
S. Watanabe
E. Nakamura