Technical Support Engineer

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Technical Support Engineer
Shanghai, China

Technical Support Engineers

CD-adapco, the world’s leading CFD/CAE software development and solutions provider, is pleased to announce the establishment of CD-adapco Software Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to provide CD-adapco software and solutions directly the Chinese marketplace. 

CD- adapco公司,世界领先的CFD / CAE软件开发和解决方案供应商,很高兴在此宣布成立独资子公司,即西递安科软件技术(上海)有限公司,向中国市场直接提供CD- adapco所有软件产品和解决方案。

CD-adapco, with headquarters in New York and London, develops and distributes innovative software products that include STAR-CD™, STAR-CCM+™, es-ice™, SPEED™, Battery Design Studio™, STAR-Cast™ and DARS™.  Each Software product is a leading design and development tool that is proven and unsurpassed in driving product innovation in a wide range of industries including Academia, Aerospace, Automotive, Battery, Healthcare, Building, Chemical, Electronics, Energy, Environmental, Marine, Oil and Gas, Turbo Machinery and others. 

CD-adapco在纽约和伦敦都有总部,开发和销售创新的软件产品,包括:STAR-CD™,STAR-CCM +™,es-ice™,SPEED™, Battery Design Studio™, STAR-Cast ™和DARS ™。每一款软件产品作为世界领先的产品设计和开发的工具,为各行各业的产品创新起到了不可超越的作用,已经在以下领域得到证实:学术界,航空航天,汽车, 电池,医疗,建筑,化工,电子,能源,环境,海洋,石油和天然气,透平机械和其他领域。

CD-adapco software is supported throughout the world from over thirty CD-adapco offices that license software and provide, engineering simulation services and training and optimization of CD-adapco Software products.  CD-adapco Software Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was formed to provide these services directly to Chinese businesses, universities and government agencies, and is located at unit D of Level 5 of Mirae Asset Tower, 166 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong, Shanghai.

CD-adapco在全世界有超过30个分支机构,销售软件及租赁许可并提供工程仿真服务和培训,帮助客户在使用中优化CD-adapco软件产品。西递 安科软件技术(上海)有限公司的成立,将直接向中国企业、大学和政府机构提供服务,其地址位于上海浦东陆家嘴环路166号,未来资产大厦5楼 D座。电话:021-61000802

Job Responsibilities:
·         Responsible for technical software support, service and sales promotion;
·         Achieve designated sales targets according to the marketing plan;
·         Develop business in new markets, develop new customers, increase the range of product sales;
·         Collect market information collection and provide analysis of competitors;
·         Plan and execute on sales activities within the designated sales area.(not applicable to a Technical Support Engineer)


  • 负责软件技术支持,服务和销售支持;
  • 协助营销人员,达到指定销售目标;
  • 发展新业务,开拓新市场,发展新客户,扩展产品销售范围;
  • 收集市场信息,收集和分析竞争对手的信息;


·         Must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in mechanical, instrumentation or electronics and other related professionals;
·         Experience with CFD software products and its development environment;
·        Must have strong communication skills and interpersonal skills,

  • Outgoing, responsive, strong communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Uses good  judgment and has a strong sense of customer service
  • Ability to work independently and work under pressure in a fast-paced environment.


  • 必须具有在机械,仪器仪表,电子等相关专业学士学位以上学历;
  • 具备CFD软件产品经验及其开发经验;
  • 必须具有较强的沟通能力和人际交往能力;
  • 性格外向,反应敏捷,具有较强的人际交往能力和沟通技巧;
  • 具备良好的判断力,具有较强的客户服务意识;
  • 有独立工作能力,能在压力和快节奏的环境中工作。

CD-adapco offers a stimulating working environment, competitive benefits and job growth opportunities. All qualified applicants are encouraged to submit a resume and cover letter outlining your unique qualifications for this position to Please reference “Technical Support Engineers – Shanghai, China” in the subject line.