• Spray gun analysis for tablet coating showing complex phenomena including droplet break-up and coalescence. The multiphase simulation was performed by Manesty.
  • Modeling the flow through nasal passages to determine the required surgical procedure using STAR-CCM+ (model provided by Lionel Meister, University of Marseille)
  • DEM simulates the motion of a large number of interacting particles and tracks them in a numerically efficient manner, modeling contact forces and energy transfer due to collision and heat transfer between particles. Shown is a DEM simulation for a fluidized bed.
  • CFD Model of Aortic Coarctation, demonstrating Windkessel model (lumped parameter model)
    The presented work is part of a CFD challenge investigating the potential for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to predicted pressures and flows in an aortic coarctation during stress when conditions for the rest case are known. In our approach, we choose to couple a three element Windkessel model to the outlet boundaries.
  • STAR-CCM+ opens the door to explore innovative medical device designs such as blood pumps.
  • Polyhedral mesh for flow simulation in a human respiratory system (nasal cavity up to hypopharynx).The geometry was obtained from CT-data using software Mimics from Materialise and imported into STAR-CCM+ in STL-format (surface triangulation).
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