The Eulerian Multiphase Model in STAR-CCM+ is a key enabling technology for pharmaceutical mixing applications.
Mixing plays an important role in the pharmaceutical processing industry and simulations add valuable scientific insight into the decision-making criteria to develop technical solutions for challenges associated with mixing.
  • Solutions with STAR-CCM+ on a stirred tank reactor to accurately predict solids concentration profiles and to establish suspension criteria under varying solids concentrations and impeller RPMs.
  • Solutions with STAR-CCM+ for mixing. Drag force on the particles is modeled using the Gidaspow formula. Two modeling techniques are used for impeller rotation : Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) and Rigid Body Motion (RBM).

Scale-up of the mixing process from laboratory to pilot plant has historically been difficult.  In addition, equipment operating parameters such as blend time, number and location of impellers and impeller speed can have a significant effect on the quality of the final product and the efficiency of the process. Each of these can be cost-effectively assessed using STAR-CCM+, enabling the engineer to build a virtual laboratory by performing evaluations up-front before tests are carried out. This leads to a significant risk reduction and cost savings when evaluating problems with existing processes or designing new mixing equipment.

The comprehensive Eulerian multiphase model in STAR-CCM+ is ideal for studying the interacting streams and phases dispersed randomly by mixers in the pharmaceutical processing industry and allows for running simulations involving multiple gaseous or liquid phases.  STAR-CCM+ also provides an extensive range of sub-models including: drag, virtual mass, lift and turbulent drag forces, break-up and coalescence models for bubbles.  In addition to the comprehensive physics of the Eulerian Multiphase Model, the ease-of-use for streamlined setup of complex multiphase problems makes STAR-CCM+ a preferred solution for mixing applications in the pharmaceutical processing industry .

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