Virtual Manufacturing Empowers Digital Product Development

Recent progress in simulation methods for the manufacturing industry has reduced the need for expensive test hardware which could be used free of charge in manufacturing. Using manufacturing simulation tools starting at the design stage helps to optimize product development and corresponding manufacturing systems. Whenever there is the need for an early design input in order to ensure quality and manufacturing costs virtual manufacturing methods will have a profitable chance.

For the case study "E-Coat Simulation" STAR-CCM provides an improved workflow from CAD-data and meshing to E-coat deposition as well as modeling of fill and drain behaviors in vehicle paint shops. Simulation results provide the design engineer with answers to questions such as "Is the E-Coat providing corrosion protection in all the cavities?" or "Is there a corrosion risk based on air bubbles or paint ponds?"

The combination of an implemented fast algorithm with the chance of describing customer developed material properties by field functions allows best fit to complex chemical material behavior. Customized  material  development is kept inside customers. Based on process knowledge we are also providing multiple simulation support.

An overview of future manufacturing simulation topics will be given.

Frank Pfluger
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