Use of Numerical Modeling to Improve the Performance of Night Ventilation

This presentation will show how STAR-CCM+ software can be used to increase the performance of night ventilation in a courtyard house. Night ventilation is one of the passive cooling methods which are used in buildings, and it depends on the use of renewable-energy sources for cooling purposes. 

This method is usually used in traditional courtyard houses in places with hot dry climates. The attention for such a type of house is increasing due to the global shortage of energy supplies. The performance depends on many factors, but some of them intersect with other building requirements. For example,  using big openings can increase the ventilation but at the same time raises the thermal load, or closing the opening during the daytime will keep the coolness that is stored in building structure for a longer time, but it will affect the air quality. This presentation illustrates an example of a daily cycle of thermal energy inside a house which benefits from night ventilation and investigates how to improve the ventilation performance by using fans, while at the same time ensuring sufficient air quality and daylight inside the house.