Manufacturing Simulation for the Casting Industry with STAR-Cast

In manufacturing and product design, CFD is deployed for the design, validation, evaluation and optimization of the production process. The casting industry has adopted simulation to help with challenging castings, such as, to name just a few: designing the gating and the mold, minimizing necessary super heat, and finding the optimum pouring curve to reduce gas entrainment. It is with the aim of providing solutions for this whole range of casting applications that STAR-Cast was developed.

With version 8.02, we will reveal a brand new STAR-Cast, now completely embedded within STAR-CCM+. STAR-Cast’s unique casting capabilities now expand the multiphysics portfolio of STAR-CCM+ even further, while enabling foundry engineers to exploit the diverse simulation options that STAR-CCM+ offers.

This presentation will show the benefits of the latest STAR-Cast release and how it integrates with the rest of the CD-adapco product family.

Julian Gänz
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