Engineering Success by Application of STAR-CCM+ for Modern Gas Turbine Design

Full CFD/CHT calculations, even including additionally combustion, are today an important step in the design process of modern gas turbines. Based on comprehensive models a numerical testing of major components is today possible within reasonable time and detection of design deficiencies becomes possible in an early stage. Thus, it is possible to reduce the number of costly hardware testing steps.

Major examples in the presentation deal with the topics of comprehensive calculations for pre-mixed can-type combustors and conjugate heat transfer analyses of complex cooled 1st stage vanes and blades of the turbine section. STAR-CCM+, with its high level of automation, meshing capabilities and high solution accuracy, is the favored commercial CAE tool of B&B-AGEMA to perform fast and accurate simulations as conjugate heat transfer, flow and combustion calculations. Development time, effort and cost can be reduced significantly by the application of STAR-CCM+ within the R&D process.

Karsten Kusterer
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