Applied CFD Education using STAR-CCM+

It is nice to finally have a CFD platform where a new student can pick it up, learn it and deliver a finished product with believable results – all within a 10 week, 3-credit-hour course. 

At Oregon Institute of Technology, we have begun teaching ‘Applied CFD using STAR-CCM+ as the platform’. Sixteen students (half graduate and half undergraduate students) took our course for the first time in the winter term of 2012. In the first half of the course, they learned the program and best practices of CFD.  In the last five weeks, they selected and worked through their own individual projects from artificial knee-joint dampening to wind forces on 4-foot high ventilation units.  This combination of theory and application helped develop a better rounded CFD engineer, able to produce useful results.  The course was a well rated success and will be offered again this coming April for the second time. Come join us if you like.

Sean Sloan
Speaker Company: 
Oregon Institute of Technology, US