Prediction of Boiling Water Reactor Assembly Void Distributions Using a Two-Phase Computational Fluid Dynamics Model

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This paper presents recent results obtained as part of the
on-going integral validation of an advanced Eulerian-Eulerian
two-phase (E2P) computational fluid dynamics based boiling
model that allows the detailed analysis of the two-phase flow
and heat transfer phenomena in a Boiling Water Reactor
(BWR) fuel assembly. The code is being developed as a
customized module built on the foundation of the commercial
CFD-code STAR-CD which provides general two-phase flow
modeling capabilities.
Simulations of a prototypic BWR fuel assembly
experiment have been completed as an initial assessment of the
applicability of the E2P model to realistic BWR geometries and
conditions. Initial validation has focused on comparison with
measured sub-channel averaged data to enable the
benchmarking of the accuracy of the E2P against the current
predictive capabilities of the sub-channel methods. The paper
will discuss the effects of modeling assumptions, assumed
coefficient values and the computational mesh structure used to
describe the fuel assembly geometry on the accuracy of the
sub-channel averaged void fraction.
Author Name: 
W. David Pointer
Adrian Tentner
Tanju Sofu
Simon Lo
Andrew Splawski
Conference Location: 
Orlando, Florida, USA
2008 ASME and UChicago Argonne, LLC, Operator of Argonne National Laboratory
Conference Date: 
Sunday, May 11, 2008
Paper Reference: 
Conference Name: 
16th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering