Modelling of Two–Phase Direct Cylinder Injection
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As the world enters a new millennium, the spark ignition engine enters a new age of gasoline fuel injection technology – direct injection. Orbital Engine Company is at the forefront of this technology with a unique, air–assist direct injection (ADI) system, which utilises a low–pressure air pulse as fuel atomiser and carrier. Modelling of Orbital's ADI system was carried out using a Eulerian–Lagrangian formulation for two–phase flow with a commercially available CFD package called Star–CD. The research has been a large step forward towards an improved predictive injection model for use in engine development.

Author Name: 
Philip R. De Vos
Conference Location: 
Detroit, MI, USA
2000 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc
Conference Date: 
Wednesday, January 1, 2003
Paper Reference: 
SAE International
Conference Name: 
SAE 2000 World Congress