I am pleased to announce the availability of STAR-CCM+ v9.02 on The Steve Portal!

My objective when we started to discuss the list of features and enhancements for the STAR-CCM+ v9 versions was ambitious. Clearly, adding realism to the simulations, enhancing workflows, increasing throughput and improve accuracy all at the same time was truly a challenge and I believe our development teams succeeded one more time in delivering it.

Last week we announced the release of STAR-CCM+ v8.04, the second of our three v8 series for 2013. I can see from the download logs of the Steve Portal that many of you downloaded the new version within the first few minutes. I hope you are enjoying all the new features and enhancements. While I could talk at length about these new bells and whistles, I'd prefer to explain the rationale behind STAR-CCM+ v8.04, and explore the philosophy of our development strategy.

One of the consequences in maintaining our aggressive release cycle is that it’s easy to become distracted by the list of individual features that arrive thick and fast every four months. One may miss the bigger picture of what we are trying to achieve.  You see, very few new features in each release are 'one-off enhancements.' Most of them could be better viewed as building blocks towards a larger development objective (although we do hope that many of these new features are instantly useful).

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