Imagine finally picking up your new Tesla after months of waiting (popular cars have waiting lists). While counting down the days, you daydream about driving that beauty on the freeways and cruising downtown as the commoners turn their heads to catch a glimpse. The last thing you are going to worry about is if the battery is defective or even ineffective. Yet while often overlooked, the battery is arguably the most important part of the vehicle. But don’t worry; chances are that well before you placed your order, computer-aided engineering (CAE) was used to ensure that the battery of your amazing new car will let you feel like Batman and not a Joker.

The demand for safe and efficient Li-ion batteries has never been as high as it is today. By coupling Battery Design Studio® to HEEDS® MDO, battery manufacturers can intelligently drive their designs through a range of design parameters and operating conditions. This speeds up the design process, facilitates innovation and helps battery designers stay ahead of the competition.

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