Software development is sometimes similar to raising a child. After the excitement of a new arrival with tentative steps and the promise of great things in the future, it develops into a moody teenager, usually working well but prone to tantrums. The final stage for both children and software is a graduation to a responsible adult, working well, providing benefits, and giving great results.

Has EHP finally taken the last step and matured? Has the prodigy child finally turned into a responsible adult? Ever since its inception and first tentative steps in the market as an add-on, we at Siemens PLM and our clients have had to live with its tantrums and acts of genuine helpfulness. The teenage years were particularly difficult, not wanting to move on from version 9.06 while its big brother STAR-CCM+® went seamlessly through its three releases per year gears.

It could be argued that tradition and science are poles apart; while one is based on beliefs and long-established customs, the other is firmly grounded in rigorous research and methodology. Yet traditionally, they’ve both found their place in engineering. But as technology continues to advance where traditional methods falter, aren’t we better off just focusing on science?

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