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The recent Silverstone Formula Student competition highlights the reasons for the success of university formula car events. Few student projects allow undergraduates to demonstrate so many skills needed for real-world engineering roles. Team members engage in car design, project management, procurement, testing, and even sponsorship fund raising. Engineering simulation software is heavily used for aerodynamics, suspension designs and internal cooling systems and some team leaders spend as much as 40 hours per week on team duties in addition to their school studies. Which is why automotive companies flock to sponsor these student events as part of their graduate recruiting efforts. Hiring managers and recruiters are eager to speak with the team members that take part in formula student competitions.  STAR-CCM+ customers including Jaguar-Land Rover and Daimler are major sponsors of these events because of the engineering skill sets demonstrated by formula team members.

STAR-CCM+ for Formula StudentCD-adapco's academic program sponsored two of the major formula student events this summer.  At the famous Silverstone track in Northamptonshire, England, the University of Strathclyde Motorsport team gave other crews a 
presentation on their use of STAR-CCM+.  The Silverstone competition had 130 student formula teams from over 30 countries participating.  This year's overall winner, Rennteam Uni Stuttgart from Germany's TU Stuttgart, uses STAR-CCM+ for their car's fluid flow simulations.

At the recent Michigan FSAE, formula teams from McGill, Georgia Tech, and University of New Mexico presented at the CD-adapco tent how they use STAR-CCM+ and Optimate+ to leverage automated design space exploration to enhance their car designs.   Georgia Tech showed a parameterized underbody simulation while STAR-CCM+ engineers demonstrated a side radiator duct optimization case and discussed career opportunities at CD-adapco.

If your formula student team is using STAR-CCM+, HEEDS or Optimate+, send us a short video on how you are improving your car through CD-adapco's design exploration tools.  We'll post the Top 3 videos on our corporate website and social media sites.  For samples, check out the team videos fromOregon State and University of Florida.  And for those participating in the upcoming Formula Student Germany event at Hockenheim, stop by and visit with the CD-adapco team who will be at the Siemens show canopy.  Safe motoring.

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