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CD-adapco President Steve MacDonald opened the largest ever STAR Global Conference with an observation on how the size of the audience had grown over the years. "It wasn't very long ago, when we struggled to fill a single room, and all of the presentations were from CD-adapco staff," he said. "This year we have 3 day conference, spread across six parallel tracks, with over 130 presentations, from all corners of industry."

The growth in the size of the conference reflects the growth of CD-adapco itself, both in term of revenue and in software capability. MacDonald predicted that by the end of FY2014 CD-adapco will be a $200m business, and return a profit. However, the company's strategy is to plough it's money back into the development of its software products, and in particular flagship simulation tool STAR-CCM+.

During the next 12 months, MacDonald revealed that a significant portion of that development resource will be dedicated to adding a Finite Element capability to the existing Finite Volume solver in STAR-CCM+. Together, these seamlessly integrated capabilities will allow customers to tackle an even wider range of multidisciplinary engineering simulation problems. Depending on the nature of the application, users will be able to couple the different solvers together either "loosely" or "tightly".

"This will allow CD-adapco to deploy our software across entire organizations, no matter how large, and meet all of their simulation needs with a single tool", said MacDonald, before revealing that he expects that the first version of the new FEM enabled software will hopefully available in time for STAR Global Conference 2015.

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STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
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Marketing Director
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Communications Specialist
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STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
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Lead Product Manager, STAR-CCM+
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Meshing Guru
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Director - Chemical Processing
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Director, Product Marketing