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I spent most of my career in industry running free, open source CFD tools and it was not until I started using STAR-CCM+®  a few years back that it finally dawned on me : free simulation software often comes with a hefty price tag. I understand that this may sound like a contradiction in terms, after all it doesn’t get any cheaper than downloading a code with one click of a mouse and having the freedom to use, modify and share it without spending a dime. But there is a far- reaching hidden cost that must be factored in when considering the true value of your simulation software: your time spent making it work. And how much is that time worth?

These days your engineering manager has visionary ideas that cross multiple disciplines, and she wants better performing products in a shorter time. If you want to remain competitive, you should be thinking about modeling all the relevant physics at once and optimizing the complete system. This is where the true cost of deploying open source simulation reveals itself. Developed by experts for specific purposes, open source simulation tools are not designed to communicate with each other, let-alone function across multiple disciplines. In today’s competitive environment, this lack of synergy will interrupt your workflow and drain your most valuable resource: time.

This all became apparent to me when I first fired up STAR-CCM+®. CD-adapco’s approach to Multidisciplinary Design eXploration (MDX) liberated me from all the “free” software tools I had been using for years. I was able to unleash the full power of CFD simulation without having to spend time on burdensome manual steps in my work flow, boosting my productivity and enthusiasm. Not only that, but I also found myself tackling multi-physics problems and simulating complete systems, something I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing a few years back.

The point is simple: automation, robustness and ease-of-use of your simulation tools deliver an indispensable ROI in the form of time. I challenge you to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership of your technology solution by factoring productivity, efficiency and cost-per-user into your financial equation. I believe you will find that leveraging smart simulation tools is the most cost effective way to preserve your strategic competitive advantage in the long term.

Consider this: Your customer wants to find a systems control solution for an innovative device design. They have tried finding a solution in the laboratory, but the application is so complex that simulation is the only way to gain insight into the details of the physics in the system. The problem involves moving parts separated only by a tiny (changing) space of the order of micrometers and requires investigation of various geometric designs. To further challenge you, the system involves multiple physics, and it is imperative that you address the Non-Newtonian behavior of the fluids involved. And as always, time, your most valuable resource, is of the essence. Can your software deliver??? Allow me to whet your appetite and visually experience the true value of MDX with a simulation of a dental cement-crown-implant system!


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STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
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