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When I first started using STAR-CCM+®, back in 2005, one thing that really stood out was the ability to visualize the results as the solution progressed. I was used to running other codes, where the best I could hope for was scrolling lines of numbers in the form of the residuals and maybe, if I was lucky, a residual graph as well. So here was this new software package, it couldn’t do much, no meshing and single phase only, but suddenly it stood out from the rest because I could see my solution evolve in real time. For an engineer, this was an invaluable feature. I could tell if things were looking right (or wrong!) while the simulation was running and if required, I could correct the problem immediately instead of waiting for the run to complete.

Fast forward ten years and STAR-CCM+ has come a long way, now offering a range of meshing options, a huge variety of physics models and advanced post processing but that live simulation update still has the potential to wow a new user. One of the other key advances in recent years has been the enabling of design exploration with OptimateTM and licensing advances in the form of Power Tokens to support it. With the release of v10.04, the live update of the solution is now also made available with Optimate.

In v10.04, a new tab can be found on the Optimate panel and clicking on it allows you to get a high level view of your design study in real time showing you which cases are in progress and which are complete. Not only do you see the status of each design point but while your designs are running, you can connect to them and flip through updating scenes and plots to see how the results are evolving. With this live view of your running simulations you can easily evaluate the suitability of the current design and if it doesn’t meet your objectives, you can stop the run and let Optimate move on to the next evaluation.

This ability to not only better understand, but also to take control of your design during your Optimate study ensures that your computational resources are put to good use running the designs that really matter.


Matthew Godo
STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
Stephen Ferguson
Marketing Director
James Clement
STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
Joel Davison
Lead Product Manager, STAR-CCM+
Dr Mesh
Meshing Guru
Ravindra Aglave
Director - Chemical Processing
Karin Frojd
Sabine Goodwin
Director, Product Marketing