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I am pleased to announce the availability of STAR-CCM+ v9.02 on The Steve Portal

STAR-CCM+ v9.02My objective when we started to discuss the list of features and enhancements for the STAR-CCM+ v9 versions was ambitious. Clearly, adding realism to the simulations, enhancing workflows, increasing throughput and improve accuracy all at the same time was truly a challenge and I believe our development teams succeeded one more time in delivering it. 

I want to point out that a lot of these features and improvements directly result from your contribution on IdeaStorm and I would like to ask you to continue in posting, commenting and voting on ideas that may be relevant to you. I look forward to receive your feedback!

Among all new features and enhancements STAR-CCM+ v9.02 include:

  • Volume Rendering: “Volume-based” visualization method to "see inside" a flow-field. The utility of this new visualization method immediately becomes clear when compared to a series of iso-surfaces.
  • Dispersed Multiphase Model: a lightweight, computationally efficient, Eulerian model to simulate multiphase problems such as aircraft icing, vehicle soiling and water management.
  • Adjoint Solver Enhancements: a number of new features to broaden the applicability and improve the ease of use of the adjoint solver has been added.
  • and also: Simulation Assistant Looping and Branching; Rhino CAD import; Multi-part volume extraction; Baffles in Directed Meshing; Mesh Deformation model; DEM particles from CAD shape; Dynamic overset boundaries; Elliptic blending K-ε model; DARS-CFD integration; Maxwell-Stefan Diffusion model, …

If you want to know everything about the new STAR-CCM+ v9.02 version, I encourage you to download the Release Note document from The Steve Portal, or get it from your local support office or after installing the new version.

Matthew Godo
STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
Stephen Ferguson
Marketing Director
Brigid Blaschak
Communications Specialist
James Clement
STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
Joel Davison
Lead Product Manager, STAR-CCM+
Dr Mesh
Meshing Guru
Ravindra Aglave
Director - Chemical Processing
Sabine Goodwin
Director, Product Marketing