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Over the last couple of days, the “World of CFD” has been buzzing about our recent acquisition of Red Cedar Technology. The word “acquisition” can sound a little frightening as it’s often associated with mis-management, changes to the way customers interact with vendors and a myriad of other oh so fearful changes. Anyone old enough to remember that debacle in the 1980’s between Bendix and Martin Marietta (one of the most complicated takeovers in corporate US history) knows what I’m talking about.

Cake topper

Fortunately, this is not the case. This “acquisition” comes after a year-long partnership to expand multidisciplinary process automation and design exploration. One may relate this to a courtship now culminating into a marriage. Doesn’t marriage does sound a lot nicer than acquisition?

Cutesy metaphors and rhetorical questions aside, we collectively had a vision of giving engineers a fast and efficient way to realize better designs without spending as much time toiling over tedious model building and validation.

As Monica Schnitger of Schnitger Corporation says in her blog:

"… it (the acquisition) takes CD-adapco out of the CFD space — and gives HEEDS a far bigger reach into the market than it had just a week ago."

She goes on to explain the significance of merging MDO (Multidisciplinary Design Optimization) and CFD and how it’s a win-win-win; for us, Red Cedar and most importantly, our customers.

For Monica’s insights on this and all the latest industry news, visit the Schnitger Corporation Hot Topics blog.

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