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It all started in 1982 when Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins built a solar-powered car and drove it across the entire continent of Australia. Driven by the success of their vehicle, aptly named "Quiet Achiever", they encouraged others to push the limits of alternative energy vehicles. Five years later, the very first World Solar Challenge was born. Every other year since, teams from across the globe - prominent universities and private organizations alike - converge in Darwin, Australia to make the 3.000 km trek south to Adelaide in their solar-powered vehicles using regular ol' public roads and minimal camping gear for the seven-day journey. 

Enter Emilia III, the creation of Team Onda Solare, based in Castel San Pietro Terme, Italy. This vehicle combines the technical contributions of students and teachers from the University of Bologna and Technical High School of Maranello (Modena) as well as a host of other companies that have supplied materials, components and design expertise. The result: a slippery carbon-fiber wing with sleek cowls encasing all but a tiny portion of the wheels.

Emilia III

With only 1.3 kW of available power, optimum aerodynamics are essential, and this is where STAR-CCM+® software comes in to the picture. With a shape inspired by a dolphin, Onda Solare used our software to make the slick even slicker, all the while bypassing costly wind tunnel tests.

Learn more about the team, the race and how they optimized the design of their vehicle in the article "3,000 km and not a cent spent on fuel" appearing in Energetic International. Mark your calendars for the next race taking place in 2015!

 STAR-CCM+ virtual wind tunnel

The Emilia III in its virtual wind tunnel

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