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So it’s finally official. I am delighted to announce that CD-adapco is now a part of the Siemens PLM family.

Back in January, when we first announced that Siemens PLM Software had entered into an agreement to purchase CD-adapco, legal regulations prevented us from talking in any detail about the acquisition and its consequences.  Since the deal has now formally closed I am happy to take this opportunity to describe in detail the extent to which it will benefit customers of both CD-adapco and Siemens, as well as the PLM marketplace as a whole.

  1. Market Leadership. As part of Siemens PLM our combined market share makes Siemens the clear leader amongst PLM solution providers in simulation and test software, and associated services. As part of our Digitalization strategy, Siemens is building a powerful suite of applications, including a broad range of simulation solutions, which now includes STAR-CCM+, HEEDS MDO, and the other CD-adapco simulation tools and solutions.
  2. Synergy. The simulation product offerings from CD-adapco and Siemens PLM Software are very complimentary.  The Siemens simulation portfolio mainly covers the structural domains, behavioral simulations & testing solutions, whilst CD-adapco brings together the fluid domains, heat transfer and design space exploration. This fits perfectly with CD-adapco’s vision of multi-disciplinary design exploration, as it will allow greater synergy and integration with the whole Siemens portfolio of PLM software in the future.
  3. Investment. Siemens have a stated ambition to invest strongly in the development of CD-adapco’s portfolio of simulation tools, including STAR-CCM+, HEEDS MDO, which are already the most innovative on the market. By leveraging Siemens expanded bandwidth and greater development resources we will extend that position of leadership and deliver as set of tools that better meets your engineering simulation needs.
  4. Support. Our customer support model will remain unchanged. You will continue to have access to your Dedicated Support Engineer, and we will continue to build upon and expand our very successful Steve customer portal. As part of their review of the CD-adapco business, Siemens PLM management concluded to our customer support model is the best in the industry, and that they intend to learn and borrow from it across their business.
  5. Other CAE Tools.  Unlike our competitors in the PLM space, Siemens has an “open” policy with regard to other simulation and CAE tools. Siemens embraces the open exchange of ideas, processes, information and software within the PLM ecosystem. We also deliver a stable, standards-based, open foundation for software development and engineering services.  This open approach will not change for the existing CD-adapco products. You will never be obliged to use only Siemens PLM tools in your simulation process, and that we will continue to work and interface with other simulation tools and providers.
  6. Better Designs, Faster. The goal, as ever, is to help our customers discover better designs faster and with greater confidence. Our combined simulation solutions will allow customers to create digital twins of product design candidates, therefore allowing evaluation and tradeoffs of design variations that affect the behavior of the product across all performance attributes, throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Along with the rest of the senior management of CD-adapco, I am convinced that Siemens PLM offers the best possible future for CD-adapco customers and employees, products and technology.


Matthew Godo
STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
Stephen Ferguson
Marketing Director
James Clement
STAR-CCM+ Product Manager
Dr Mesh
Meshing Guru
Joel Davison
Lead Product Manager, STAR-CCM+
Ravindra Aglave
Director - Chemical Processing
Karin Frojd
Sabine Goodwin
Director, Product Marketing