The other day, Dr. Design came to me with a new project: “We must find the drag coefficient of a futuristic vehicle concept!!”

As usual the deadline was yesterday. With the CAD in hand, I started to set up my simulation. I had to say, the meshing part was easy. I arrived rapidly to the point of setting up my boundary conditions, but here's where I ran into some doubt. How should I model the rotating tires?? Yes, the vehicle is futuristic, but not electromagnetic yet. I could see a few methods… Which one should I choose?

For years, I have seen the challenges faced by the product development teams in companies of various sizes across all industries.  Amongst those challenges, two in paticular stand out:  One is the ability to perform simulation earlier in the product development cycle and the other is focused on improving collaboration between the design and simulation teams. Addressing the latter of these has been difficult due to a "brick wall" that has always existed between the design and simulation teams due to a lack of interoperability between CAD and simulation software tools.  Although software vendors have, over time, proposed various solutions to this problem, until now none have offered a scalable solution set that could address these issues elegantly for the broad range of simulation problems faced in industry.

With the imminent arrival of bi-directional CAD Clients in STAR-CCM+ v8.06, all that is about to change forever.

CD-adapco is committed to the philosophy of “simulating systems”. This gives our users the opportunity to take into account all the factors likely to influence the performance of their product in its operational life when building a simulation. As part of that commitment, one of our ongoing development themes in STAR-CCM+ involves making multiphase flows more accessible to all of our users. For this, we introduce a feature that allows you to tackle a wider range of industrial applications (bridging the “gaps” described above) by further improving solver performance.

RSM turbulence is useful for swirling flows

Let's explore some of the great new multiphase flow features that you'll be able to enjoy in STAR-CCM+ v8.06...

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