It always happens at the last minute. My simulations have been run and converged and are ready to be presented for tomorrow morning's board meeting. Then it happens... I try to create a plot of the temperature variation along a line in my STAR-CCM+ simulation 5 minutes before the end of my day and I find my data is scattered all over the place! There's no way I could possibly present this result! Argh!!!

How is it that honeybees (average brain size 1g) manage to outmesh those CFD engineers (average brain size 1250g) who still religiously rely on tetrahedral meshing?

Honeycomb: Bees are better meshers than many engineers

The answer is obviously not that bees are more intelligent than engineers (although there are a few notable exceptions). Whereas CFD and associated meshing technology has been around for just 40 years, bees benefit from several billion years of evolution.

I wanted to take a moment and shine the spotlight on our coupled density-based solver. I must admit, I am perhaps a bit of a biased writer because after all, I have spent most of my career in industry analyzing and optimizing aircraft performance in flight regimes where the need for accurate shock capturing was part of daily life. Coupled solvers with a density-based approach have a proven track record for delivering robust solutions for these types of applications so it should come as no surprise that these numerical methods continue to spark my interest.

Does it matter which optimization technology an engineering team chooses?
We think that the answer is unequivocally: yes!

All optimization algorithms are not created equal. Many work well only on certain types of problems, and some are very inefficient at finding optimal solutions. The difference between a robust, efficient algorithm and an inferior one can be substantial in terms of real measures such as product cost, mass, and performance.

Structural Crash Optimization Using HEEDS

This is paticularly important when optimizing CAE solutions such as CFD and Crash, for which the cost of individual function evaluations is computationally expensive.

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