Customization of STAR-CCM+ for Efficient HVAC Simulation

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Valeo Climate Control has been using CD-adapco's software for CFD simulation since 1997. Since 2000 we started to develop automatic processes for HVAC CFD simulation which concerns evaluation of basic characteristics of our product, air-condition units for the automotive industry. These processes were developed for STAR-CD.

In 2005 our US division began to migrate to STAR-CCM+ and at the same time started to develop a new tool based on JAVA which ensured stability, robustness and automation of the CFD simulation process on HVAC. The same tool is now being used with STAR-CCM+ for different CFD applications on other products in Valeo Thermal Systems.

This tool:
• Delivers summary results of simulation just after analysis is finished.
• Makes it easy to navigate through the basic simulation settings.
• Manages the movement of the HVAC doors and related meshing operations.
• Supports automated creation of graphical output and data values in Google spreadsheets.
• Is transversal and easy to use for simulation engineers.
• Is able to send the status of each simulation process and inform simulation engineers about simulation progress.

Author Name: 
Petr Nekolny
Steven Marshall
Valeo Autoklimatizace k.s.
Author Company: 
Valeo Climate Control