Computation of the Transient Temperature of a Permanent Magnets Synchronous Motor with STAR-CCM+ & SPEED

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First of all, the computational process in SPEED and the coupling process with STAR-CCM+ are described in this presentation. For an accurate prediction of the heat transfer between stator copper parts (slots and windings) and coolant, detailed models of these parts have been created and used for the modeling of the complete electric motor in STAR-CCM+.

The numerical results are compared for different load cases with experimental results under laboratory conditions and numerical results obtained with the software MotorCAD. The comparison shows a very good agreement with the experimental results within 4K for the magnets temperature. Also, the transient warm up of the stator and rotors parts is well predicted by the numerical model.

Finally, the heat transfer modes in the electric motor are analyzed for both laboratory and vehicle ambient conditions.

Author Name: 
Walter Stolz
Author Company: 
Daimler AG