Aerodynamic Arrow Dynamics

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Archery arrows are complex, highly-tuned dynamical systems. Yet they are often designed based on tribal knowledge, anecdotal evidence and/or trial-and-error. Application of first-order aerospace analysis practices for a non-traditional, nonaerospace client specializing in the development of archery equipment resulted in the development of a new, high-quality product and superior insight into the physics that make it a success.

This presentation will describe the concept development, analysis process and some key findings for an arrow fletching design cycle, as well as provide a brief overview of archery hardware for the uninitiated. The analysis process included steady Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations using CD-adapco’s STAR-CCM+ to compute forces and moments on the arrow designs to help assess arrow stability. STAR-CCM+ software enabled quick turnaround simulations for different arrow designs, arrow orientations and arrow velocities. In addition, for some cases, the results were mapped to an ABAQUS™ finite element model to calculate deformations.

Author Name: 
Parthiv Shah
Author Company: 
ATA Engineering Inc.