Sandia Flame Validation

Geometry is a piloted methane jet flame based on the Sandia/TUD Piloted CH4 Air Jet Flame validation case.  In the animation, the temperature in the extreme left remains at 300 K for a certain distance along the centerline as it is the potential core of the developing jet.  

1) Momentum driven jets are often seen in burners (used in CPI and oil and gas industry) as well as Flares (again predominantly being used in CPI and oil and gas industry)

2) The LES technique captures the complex mixing features which influences the flame stability, combustion efficiency, and pollutant formation.

3) Volume-rendering of flames (single jets) or multiple jets is very critical as we can get valuable information on flame-flame interaction (in the case of multiple jets), and flame stability characteristics (single and multiple jets) which is going to affect the overall performance of the device